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Lymphosarcoma is a common cancer of dogs and cats. It is characterized by high numbers of lymphocytes which rapidly invade the body. If it remains localized, pets may live with it for years. Signs depend upon the area it starts. Often in dogs it begins as a single enlarged lymph node, which rapidly turns into multiple enlarged lymph nodes. Cats often initially show signs as part of chronic diarrhea or IBD. While corticosteroids may be part of a chemotherapy program, initially starting with corticosteroids alone can decrease their long-term effectiveness and shorten the survival time.





The following nutraceuticals or natural/herbal formulas can also provide effective treatment for your canines and felines living with lymphosarcoma.




Integrative Medicine


There are many different types of herbal or natural remedies that can help the dog or cat living with lymphoma. The Integrative Medicine options below can help your pet live a better quality of life even in the presence of lymphoma.


» Herbs that can help your canine ease his symptoms and feel better include: fenugreek, golden seal, walnut and wild oat. You can also use herbs such as  dandelion wormwood and olive and water violet. All these herbs can be mixed together can help reduce the symptoms of lymphoma in your dog.


» To help your dog fight lymphoma with a fortified immune system, you may want to try the “Budwig Diet” (developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig). In this diet, the dog should be fed one tablespoon of organic flax seed oil mixed with 1 cup of organic cottage cheese three times a day for up to three months. In addition to this diet, your dog will also need digestive enzymes and antioxidants. Both the enzymes and antioxidants will help bolster your dog’s immune system to fight the lymphoma inside their body. The Budwig diet is not as beneficial to cats, because they can’t use the anti-cancer factor in flax seed oil.


» Both dogs and cats can be given Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential in aiding a full recovery. The best source of Omega 3 is fish oil. Give your dog one teaspoon per one cup of dog food. For felines, the best form of these fatty acids is in liquid (such as salmon oil). Give your cat 500mg twice a day.


» Another natural remedy for cats with lymphoma is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and fresh fish. You should also be giving the feline a multivitamin. You can also give your cat Essiac tea and tea tree oil.


Lymphosarcoma Disease
(Reference: Veterinarians’ Desk Reference)

(Live Link)


Species affected: Cats, Dogs

Background: The incidence of cancer is increasing in veterinary medicine. Any factor weakening the immune system may increase the likelihood of disease. Many purebred dogs are particularly susceptible to certain types of neoplasias; breakdown in the immune system is probably behind many cases. Exposures to toxins, genetic predisposition and other factors play a role.

Symptoms: The presenting signs can be varied depending on the organs involved.

Diagnostics: As needed based on presenting signs.

Special Notes: Natural treatments can be used with conventional chemotherapy, if desired, and can be helpful in combating some of the side effects (see the appropriate conditions for more detailed treatments—i.e. therapy for chronic vomiting).

Principles for Supplementation: Natural treatment involves a multifaceted approach supporting the immune system, cellular health and a wholesome diet.






Black Salve4

Topical Application: Apply to tumor, wait 4-6 hours, remove with hydrogen peroxide, then bandage. For oral tumors, apply daily for 3 days, skip 4 days and repeat until tumor is gone.

Induces apoptosis. Reacts with polysaccharides to cause necrosis of malignant tissue, sarcoids and carcinomas.

Buffered C Powder12

Cats: 125 mg bid
Dogs: 10 mg/lb bid

Stimulates phagocytic effect of leukocytes, nitrate scavenger, aids in synthesis of collagen and carnitine.

CAS Options22

Cat and Dog formulas; use as directed on label

Immune supporting mushrooms combined with antioxidants.

Cellular Forte with IP-628

Cats: ¼ capsule, bid
Dogs: ¼-1 capsule, bid

Stimulates the immune system.


Cats: ¼ capsule bid
Dogs: ¼ capsule/25 lb bid

Concentrated source of sulforaphane.


Cats: ½ capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Inhibits cancer growth via a number of mechanisms, boosts the effect of some types of chemotherapy


Dogs: 1 capsule/75 lb sid

Inhibits cancer growth via a number of mechanisms, boosts the effect of some types of chemotherapy.


Cats: 1 capsule bid
Small dogs: 1 capsule/10 lb bid

Potent immune support; protects the GI tract from damage by conventional chemo and radiation; prevents cachexia.


Dogs: 1 scoop/25 lb bid

Potent immune support; protects the GI tract from damage by conventional chemo and radiation; prevents cachexia.

E400 Selenium26

Cats: ¼ tablet sid
Dogs: ¼ tablet/25 lb sid

Antioxidant, cancer preventive.

Essiance Elixir13

Cats and dogs: 10-15 drops/25 lb
1-4 times per day

Traditionally used to support glandular, lymphatic and immune system function while promoting normal healthy blood.

Fractionated PectinVET Powder12

Cats: ¼ scoop sid
Dogs: 1 scoop/25 lb sid

Prevents metastasis.


Cats: ½-1 scoop/day
Dogs: as directed per weight

Anticancer herbal formula.

Hoxsey Boneset27

Cats: ½-1 scoop/day
Dogs: as directed per weight

Anticancer herbal formula for osteosarcoma.


Cats: ½ capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Nutrients enhance immune function.

Immune System Support22

Cats: 1-2 tablets bid

Specific nutrients to support the feline immune system against common viral infections.


Cats: ½-1 capsule sid
Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid (give between meals)

Plant sterols and sterolins enhance function and decrease autoimmune antibody production.


Cats and dogs: 1 drop/1 lb sid
(1 dropperful = 30 drops)

Increases tumor necrosis factor, macrophage activity, NK cell activity, resistance to infection, IgG and IgM response, interleukins, interferon, humoral and cellular immune functions.


1 capsule per 20 lb bid or  1 scoop per 20 lb bid

Based on Rene Caisse’s Essiac.


1 capsule per 20 lb bid or
1 scoop per 20 lb bid

Supports immune system health of the whole animal.


1 capsule per 20 lb bid or
1 scoop per 20 lb bid

Supports the body's natural immune system; reinforces the body's natural system of detoxification.

Small Animal

Cats: 1 capsule sid
Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid


Super EPAVET12 or Omega PlusVET12

Cats: 1 gelcap sid
Dogs: 2 gelcaps/25 lb sid

May induce cell differentiation; suppresses metastasis.

Supportive Care II12

Cats: ½ capsule bid
Dogs: ½ capsule/25 lb bid

Has nutrients that support and optimize the immune system, enhance normal cellular proliferation and inhibit growth and proliferation of neoplastic cells. Do not use with methotrexate cancer therapy.


Cats: ¼ capsule sid
Dogs: ¼ capsule/25 lb sid

Antioxidant, cancer preventive.



To help you quickly find the right Integrative Medicine formulas and manufacturers to help treat your dogs, cats and horses, please refer to the Veterinarians’ Desk Reference
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