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Species affected: Cats, Dogs
Background: In dogs and cats, this condition is often due to "garbageitis" (dietary indiscretion). It can also occur as an acute manifestation of parasitic diseases: whipworms (especially in adults), Coccidia, roundworms, hookworms, Giardia, Salmonella, E. coli, etc. Many cases are of a self-limiting nature. Recurrent episodes may indicate a more serious problem such as inflammatory bowel disease or lymphoma.
Symptoms: Looseness of stool and/or an increase in the frequency of elimination.
Diagnostics: Stool, blood, and radiology, if foreign body suspected.
Special Notes: Some cases can rapidly cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance or even rectal prolapse; intervention and supportive care should be administered in cases that do not resolve quickly on their own.
Principles for Supplementation: Antibacterial (only if bacterial are causal); support the enterocytes, introduce beneficial gut bacteria, help repair the intestinal wall.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:


1 capsule per 5 lb daily

Combination of n-Acetyl Glucosamine and probiotics.


Cats: ¼-½ tablet, bid or tid
Dogs: ½-2 tablets, bid or tid

For Giardia, and for protozoal and bacterial diarrhea.


Cats: ¼ capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Contains berberine to treat bacterial infections.

Curing Pills25

Cats: 2 pills bid or tid
Dogs: 2-4 pills bid or tid

Improves digestion, regulates spleen and stomach, disperses wind-cold, resolves dampness.

Fast Balance GI8

1 cc per 2 lb bid

Helps support proper GI tract structure and function during times of digestive upset and stress associated with garbage gut, food sensitivities, age and traveling.


Cats: 2 gelcaps sid
Dogs: 1 gelcap/25 lb tid



Cats: ½ capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Contains bismuth; helps slow diarrhea; not for long-term use.


Cats: ½-1 capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/15 lb sid

Supports enterocytes; improves local immune function.


1 capsule per 20 lb bid or 1 scoop per 20 lb bid

Supports proper digestion and normal bowel health.

Bacillus CoagulansVET12

Cats: ¼ capsule, sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Beneficial gut bacteria.

Potassium Citrate12

1 or more capsules per day, determined by monitoring blood levels.

Do not supplement without monitoring blood levels. Can cause GI distress. Animals with renal failure can often be hyperkalemic. Acute diarrhea can cause electrolyte imbalance including low potassium.

Seacure for Pets29

Cats: 1 scoop or tablet sid
Dogs: 1 scoop or tablet/10 lb sid

Bioactive peptides support enterocytes and intestinal integrity.

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